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Welcome !

Welcome to my Blog.

The blog has been on hold for about a year, but as of September 2014 it’s hopefully alive again. I’m not getting to so many gigs these days, so updates will be a bit slow. I’ve got a bit of an archive from the past year that I’ll fill the gaps with.

Andy (23.9.14)

So I have now started keeping a photo diary of the gigs I get to here as well. These pictures are taken purely to remind myself of what I have seen, but some of them come out quite well I think, please feel free to use any of the media yourself, let me know if you find it useful. If you feel anything is not appropriate, let me know and it will be gone. I also want to stress that all the pictures here are taken with a silent compact camera, and usually with the camera held low or into my body so as to avoid distracting any members or the audience with stray light.

For all my pictures see :

and for video Clips :

Enjoy the music!


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